A Campo Trip from Ella’s Perspective

Derick and Ella at the plaza in Santa Teresa

Earlier this month, I went with my Dad and some ladies to Santa Teresa.  Santa Teresa is considered high jungle.  It was fun.  The drive was 8 hours and I got carsick because it was really curvy.  Even though the drive was long, it had fun parts too because we stopped at some places and got ice cream.  Santa Teresa is even hotter than Cusco.

Meal In Santa Teresa

Once we got to Santa Teresa we slept in the church, it was like camping.  We bought a bread shaped like a horse.  We also went to the hot springs, they were my favorite part.  I met a boy named Diego (a son of the pastor couple in Santa Teresa).  We had fun playing together while the adults did their health teachings.  The trip was an interesting experience.  I think I would go again if the drive was not so long and curvy.

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2 responses to “A Campo Trip from Ella’s Perspective

  1. Ella, thanks for sharing your trip. I think Malachi and Josiah can relate to getting car sick and it takes much less than 8 hrs on the windy roads of Peru.

  2. Sounds like a certain trip to Campat.

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